Fun, Effective, People-Centric

Networking Events that Actually Work.

Fun Fridays Networking Events are popping up all over the US. Find one (or start one) near you.

Grow Your Businesses through Fun & Effective Networking Events

Fun Fridays Networking Events are one of a kind.

Fun & Engaging

At Fun Friday Networking Events, all the guess work has been taken care of. We'll help you find the right people, help you connect and help you close(on the connection!)

Highly Effective

Fun Friday Networking Events are proven to expand your network. When you take into the network of your network, business magic happens.

Everyone Wins

Fun Friday Networking Events don't just expand networks, but they impact communities. Every FFNE chapter seeks out opportunities to impact their communities.

Business Leader? Become a FFN licensee.

Explode your business, your impact and benefit your business community by becoming a FFN chapter licensee.

All licensees receive national exposure, white glove business support and a road map for success.

Results guaranteed.

In-Person Networking is still the most powerful tool in your tool kit.

There are many ways to expand your network, grow your business and meet great people, but nothing comes close to being in a room with 50+ high energy, highly committed business owners and leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't worry, others have had questions too. Here's some answers:

Who can attend these events?

Business owners, business leaders, managers, sales-persons, business representatives, etc.

Can a company sponsor an event?

Yes, every event has sponsors. Please inquire with the local event leader to learn more about that events specific sponsorship program.

What do we do at these events?

FFN has a special format and structure that helps you connect with people quickly, easily and without stress. You will meet people, connect with them, trade business cards and have fun together.

The goal isn't to close business, but to close connections.

Do I need to bring anything?

Just a few things: 100 business cards, a winning attitude, and an open mind.

Do these events cost anything?

Nope. All FFN are free to attend.

Can I start my own?

Yes you can. Inquire here.

Don't just take our word for it; Real stories from real leaders.

Fun Fridays Networking Events have been impacting businesses for years. Enjoy these short testimonials from some of our amazing attendees.

Stephen L.

I cannot tell you how much these events have impacted my business. If you have the chance to go, GO! You will expand your networking like nothing you've ever done before.

Lynette H.

Fun Fridays Networking Events have been incredible for our business. We meet great people, have a ton of fun and leave encouraged and excited!

Lisa F.

As a local Chamber of Commerce, we love partnering with Fun Fridays Networking Events. It's a great win-win as we connect business owners and expand our professional networks.




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